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Semiautomatic CDM Tester offering novel patent pending “contact first technology”

Complete solution for JS-002-2014 standard compliant testing

Both the Legacy and Contact First Scorpion CDM Discharge heads meet Charged Device Model JS-002-2014 standard.

The Scorpion CDM tester can be used with the classic „Legacy CDM Discharge Head“ as well as with the „Contact FirstTechnology Discharge Head“ utilizing the latest advances in CDM testing technology and standards.

The motorized sample holder comes with a L-bracket to accommodate samples with pin pitches as small as 0,1mm up to a maximum sample size of 125mm x 125mm. Sampleas can be fixed easily using vacuum supplied by a built-in vacuum pump.

Setup and control of the testflow is done using the Maestro software. Data Analysis can be done quickly and easily with WaveAppraise.

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