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EVA100 – Evolutionary Value Added Measurement System

Advantest has developed an IC test system concept called EVA, which supports the integration of various instruments in a handy, modular test head.

With the increase of the number of so-called "smart devices", the demands on analog sensor ICs are constantly rising. Better performance, higher precision and longer reliability have always been important keywords, and they are getting even more important – on the other hand, there is a requirement to keep the cost for testing at the same level, and even to reduce it.

With the highly integrated EVA100 test system, Advantest offers a convincing combination – a modular hardware concept, combined with user-friendly, intuitive software. Developers can easily acquire the necessary knowledge for developing test routines, and no specialist knowledge is required to operate the system.

The EVA100 supports a range of power supply modules, 4-quadrant SMUs (Signal Measurement Units), pattern generators, AWGs (Arbitrary Waveform Generators), digitizers and oscilloscopes for in-depth measurement of analog/mixed-signal DUT’s.

 The software of the system is particularly well designed. The extremely intuitive GUI requires only drag & drop operations in order to create setups intuitively, quickly and safely. Automatic reporting functions improve the efficiency of deskwork and provide clear documentation.

This makes the EVA100 an excellent fit for the characterization, functional evaluation and mass production evaluation of low pin count analog, mixed signal and digital devices, e.g.

DC-DC converters, voltage regulator ICs, AD converters, DA converter ICs, MCU or standard logic ICs, DFT test.

Main specification:
  • MS Windows 7 (64bit) Service Pack 1 or higher
  • Intuitive EVA100 GUI
  • Test sequence templates available

Display resolution:

Min. 1366 x 768 Pixel

Supported protocols:


Dimensions, Digital Unit:

BHT 220 x 472 x 206mm

Dimensions, Analog Unit:

BWD 363 x 472 x 206mm


Up to 4 test units can be operated together.

Specification, Digital Unit:


  • Sync of modules and units supported
  • Hardware Sync
Power Supply: 7V, 500mA

Pattern Generator:

  • 100MHz Pattern Generator (64ch I/O), Maximum 1024ch
  • Per Pin Parametric Measurement Unit (64ch)
  • Time Measurement Unit (8ch)

Arbitrary Waveform Generator
and Digitizer:

  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator (500ksps/18bit) (4port)
  • Digitizer (500ksps/18bit) (2port)
  • Reference Voltage Source (1ch)
Specification, Analog Unit:

General Interface Controller:

  • Max. 100Mbps Pattern Generator (8ch)
  • Protocol support for I2C, SPI, JTAG
  • Relay Control (64 user control bits)
  • Hardware synchronization
Analog VI Source:
  • Voltage/current range +-128V, +-2.0A (DC) / 5.0A
  • (Pulse) Voltage/current range +-64V, +-500mA (DC)
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Digitizer, Differential Voltmeter

Pattern Generator:

  • Up to 100Mbps Pattern Generator (32ch I/O)
  • Low Jitter Pin (8ch I/O) / Low Jitter Clock (1ch)
  • Per Pin Parametric Measurement Unit (32ch)
  • Time Measurement Unit (4ch)
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Digitizer
  • Arbitrary Waveform Generator (200ksps/24bit 80kHz BW; Differential 4ch)
  • Digitizer (625ksps/24bit 200kHz BW) (Differential 4ch)
  • Per Pin Parametric Measurement Unit (16ch)

Signal Capture:

  • 1Gbps (max. 2Gbps) Sampling (4ch)