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Computer aided, motorized micropositioners for probing small structures on wafer

Many of the structures in modern semiconductors are so incredibly small that you need a motorized micropositioner to contact them for R&D or Failure Analysis purposes.

Only these computer aided motorized micropositioners provide you with the necessary resolution and vibration isolation for these demanding tasks.

A motorized manipulator is operated “hands-off” either by the use of a special ergonomically designed Joystick or via the built-in software package of the waferprober.

Computergestützter, motorischer Micropositioner von Signatone
Motorischer Micropositioner von Signatone CAP-946

The CAP-946 is Signatones answer to this market requirement. It can be used stand-alone (utilizing the joystick for control) or together with the software of one of their (semiautomatic) probestations.

Datasheet Signatone CAP-946

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