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Special Probe Holders for high voltage / high current measurements

Probe holder Signatone HCP 100
Probe holder Signatone HCP 100

In the development of modern power semiconductors more and more measurements need to be done directly on the chip. This is avoiding the influence of the packaging and gaining insight in the behaviour of the device itself.

Contacts capable of transferring large currents require needles with an extended contact surface or even a group of needles. They need a certain amount of space to touch-down. Careful evaluation is necessary.

As for high voltages a different type of probe holder is used. Typical probe holders for high voltage will be good either for 3kV or even 10kV and are available in coax or triax versions.

Due to the missing casting compound arcing can be a problem with high voltage tests on-wafer. Special solutions are available for this. Contact us for more information.

Description of probe holder HCP 100 Signatone

Description of probe holder HVP-CX-3 Signatone

Description of probe holder HVP-CX-10 Signatone

Description of probe holder HVP-TX-3 Signatone

Description of probe holder HVP-UX-20 Signatone

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