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Contacting a trace on a PCB with entry level micropositioners

Entry Level Micropositioners are good for most standard contact pads. Contacting a trace on a PCB or a (semiconductor) substrate does not always require ultimate mechanical precision or superb electrical performance. Sometimes it is footprint or simply budget governing the situation.

Here are solutions for such cases:

S-750: a very small footprint combined with a unique “joystick” operation makes this Micropositioner very attractive. A spring probe clamp makes operation easier for beginners.

Datasheet of  Micropositioner Signatone S-700 Serie

S-725: this is an allround-Micropositioner for general purpose applications. Adjustments in the three directions X, Y and Z are done by turning their individual knobs. There is a choice of left or right side mounted Positioner as well as magnetic or vacuum based fixation.

Datasheet of Micropositioner Signatone S-700 Serie

S-926: this Micropositioner offers a high level of quality and flexibility. Movements for X, Y and Z are de-coupled which allows easier operation. With a choice of mounting options for Probeholders this Micropositioner can be accommodated for a great many of applications.

Datasheet of Micropositioner Signatone S-926 Serie

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